Tuscan Red Rose
Caledonian Purple metallic
Portland grey full hide


Sorry now sold.

If your looking for an exceptional example of TVRs Tuscan that has been religiously serviced, maintained, improved upon but not abused with as good a history file as you can find then this could be the one for you.
If you'd also like your next pride and joy to have come from the factory with pretty much every conceivable extra specified along with the piece of mind of that essential documented factory engine rebuild then this definitely could be it.
A very good client has decided to ask us to find a new home for this Tuscan that we have known and helped keep in A1 condition over the last few years for both him and its previous owner of 5 years.
As you can see from the original order form it came of the line at Bristol Avenue with almost £10,000 of extras such as a Hydratrak differential, Air Conditioning and a Full hide interior which probably only around 1 in 20 TVRs actually have.
Possibly most importantly it is an original Red Rose car, not just one that has maybe had a 'rebuild to red rose spec' which you'll find the majority of supposed Red Roses are, if even that at all. With this car there is no doubt at all in what your looking at as absolutely everything is documented in black and white.
Buying the 'right' example of most bespoke high performance cars is essential to ensure you have enjoyable an ownership experience as possible and that's definitely the case with the Tuscan. Although various upgrades have been carried out to this car over the years such as the hinged bonnet conversion and upgrading the coil overs to Nitrons, this one is still a nice, unmolested example with only fitting improvements being added.
It has an almost perfect service history as you can see -
17/07/2000 - 0 Miles - Portfield TVR
25/08/2000 - 1109 Miles - Portfield TVR
20/07/2001 - 6224 Miles - Mole Valley
07/07/2003 - 12767 Miles - Mole Valley
22/07/2004 - 15749 Miles - Mole Valley
01/10/2005 - 17973 Miles - MF Cars
06/05/2006 - 18680 Miles - MF Cars
23/12/2008 - 23054 Miles - STR8 SIX
05/10/2010 - 25210 Miles - TVR Ecosse
01/04/2011 - 27524 Miles - TVR Ecosse
06/06/2012 - 30399 Miles - TVR Ecosse
22/05/2013 - 33352 Miles - TVR Ecosse
24/04/2014 - 34307 Miles - TVR Ecosse
26/03/2015 - 36371 Miles - TVR Ecosse
26/04/2016 - 36726 Miles - TVR Ecosse
19/05/2018 - 37420 Miles - TVR Ecosse

It's hard to fault the car in almost any area. It sounds fantastic without being too loud, it handles brilliantly for any car especially for a mark 1 Tuscan, the chassis, brakes, clutch etc are all in excellent order and cosmetically it is also in excellent condition.
Although we are simply looking after the sale of the Tuscan for its owner and therefore not warrantying the car as such we have still checked it over thoroughly to ensure there are no issues along with having just completed a full 12k service
including the valve clearances.
We’ll also be putting it through a fresh MOT test so it’s new owner.
The private plate will not be included in the sale, however the owner is happy to negotiate a possible price for that if you so wish.
We have the car at our premises now so please call Barry on 07949244705 to arrange a time to come and view it or just to ask some questions.