TVR Griffith


1943mm(inc mirrors)
Wheel base
Front Track
Rear Track
Ground Clearance
Fuel Capacity
57 Litres

Griffith 4.0

3938cc Alloy V8 5 speed RWD
240bhp, 270lb ft
4.8 seconds
Top speed
155 mph

Griffith 4.3

4280cc Alloy V8 5 speed RWD
Max rpm
280bhp @ 5500rpm, 305lbs/ft torque @ 4000rpm
2300lbs (1060kg)
4.7 seconds
Top speed
161 mph

Griffith 5.0

4988cc Alloy V8 5 speed RWD
340bhp @ 5500rpm, 350lbs/ft torque @ 4000rpm
2300lbs (1060kg)
4.1 seconds
Top speed
167 mph

1990. The Griffith was first shown at the Birmingham Motor Show although as a prototype, it was an immediate success. It was originally very similiar to the V8S sharing basically the same Chassis and Running Gear.

1991 to 1993. It was now re-engineered due to the 'S' Chassis not being able to cope with the power levels and developement of the Tuscan Racers Chassis was chosen. First Deliverys of the two engine specs, 4.0 ltr 240 bhp and 4.3 ltr 280 bhp were made. There were 704 made. There were also some BV (Big Valve) conversions done for the power hungry on the 4.3 and for the totally insane a 4.5 was produced. There were only about 10 - 12 originally built, although some were converted after delivery. The BV badge on the engine unfortunatly doesnt mean its an original as some were stuck on punters trying to sell it as one, So please make sure you check thouroughly if buying one. Three quaters of the way through 1993 The Griffith 500 was annouced producing 340 bhp 350llb/ft. With upgraded Brakes/Suspension and also with Catalytic Convertors. Also production of the Uk market stopped for a while to allow TVR to export some to Europe and the World, and to concentrate on the Chimaera.

1994. Gearbox changed from the Rover SD1 to the near Bullet proof Borg Warner T5

1996. TVR announce that the Griffith Speed Six would have TVR's own AJPS straight six, kicking out an estimated 380 bhp. In the end The Griffith Speed six didnt enter production better explained in Steve Heaths 'Bible' 'The Tvr Griffith and Chimaera.

1997. The engine is De-tuned to 320 bhp to aid better Idling and driveing at lower speeds

2001. TVR announce the Griffith production is going to end. 100 Special Edition cars were to be built to mark the end of production. Although still very similiar to the previous 500's. It has a Hybrid Interior using the Chimaera Dashboard. Noticeably the Rear lights are different along with the door mirrors. Some also came with 16 inch wheels and each car comes with a numbered plaque in the glove box including the build Number and a Special Edition Badge on its Georgous Rump.